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20.12.2019, Downbeat quote


"Dabrowski is one of Europe's most versatile and curious players, a musician eager to challenge himself with shifting contexts and self-imposed limitations"

"When I Come Across" the second album from his quartet FREE4ARTS with Sven Meinild on baritone, guitarist Simon Krebs and drummer Kasper Tom, draws from moody indie-rock in its flinty energy, while maintaining a rigorous improvisational ethic"

"Ocean Fanfare is a richly nuanced, darkly-melodic post-bop quartet"

Downbeat Magazine
Peter Margasak,

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New updates on the Spotify profile, tons of music and new playlist - This is Tomasz Dąbrowski.

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02.12.2019, Downbeat


Spotlight in the world-famous Downbeat Magazine [January issue] written by Peter Margasak

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